The Emerald City Ripper Returns!

You would be ‘self employed’ for this mission, however you may be able to find someone to pay you for this work.

All you know so far is that someone is probably on a murder spree, about 3 months back, you encountered one of the victims. He appeared to have had his eyes and organs from his body surgically removed. He had not been robbed of his belongings.

A note was on his body:
“Dear Officer MacKindleson
Another innocent member of the flock has fallen to my knife. I have taken his eyes and kidney, momentos that he won’t be needing anymore. I wonder if he had a child, a family, a mother, a lover?
If only you were better at your job, maybe more would not need to die?
Yours Truely,

Also, you now have the painting from Marty, that is eerily similar to what you found, except it depicts an elf in a lab coat leaning over him with a surgical knife. This may be of some help.

Finally, as far as you are aware, nothing has been reporting in the public news about any killings of this nature.

The Emerald City Ripper Returns!

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