Respect! And Unlimited Power of Course

You would be ‘self employed’ for this mission, however you may be able to find someone to pay you for this work

During the big storm the PC’s were attacked by a woman in black robes who shouted a death threat at them, she hit the car with a lightning spell that was enough to stop the car. When bolt tried to retaliate she seemed to absorb or negate his lightning spell some how (when at first it looked like it clearly hit her)

After Gungdo took her down, Bolt examined the body and found an enchanted ring and a piece of paper that wasn’t being damaged by the rain, it glowed with powerful magic in his astral vision. Not wanted to touch either he put them in zip lock bags, and has had them in storage ever since.

During the Training Day mission Bolt noticed one of Malty’s paintings contained pictures of pages that looked similar to the one he found.

You have no other leads, so to keep looking into this you may need to hit up any contacts you have with magic connections.

Respect! And Unlimited Power of Course

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