Points of Interest

This page has notes about things discovered in the sixth world that may be of interest to players outside of their missions. If they wish, they could investigate these elements instead of taking a mission, and just see where it leads them.

Malty’s Art
Collection of art hand painted by Walter ‘Malty’ Anderson. He seems of an innocent sort, but the art most certainly does not, several pieces depict scenes the runners recognize from jobs. Each has a very light magical aura.

Marsden Club
Social Club for the elite, after getting a membership card from a member, the PCs found that they were welcome by the members themselves but the administrator of the facility, not so much. So far they haven’t heard from anyone about the club, so maybe all is good, only time will tell.

Outdated Ares Weaponry
During Find My Push mission, the PC’s found a para-military group attacking Nail’s hideout, after defeating them, they found the group was all carrying outdated models of Ares weaponry with the serial codes filed off. All of them had the same outdated model. They could not find any ID for the group itself that made the attack, Nor did Nail know who they were.

A bag of push was taken by the PC’s from a facility in Tacoma. After selling the bag to a den drug dealer in the Barrens (Paulio), they started to hear of rumors of some strange things happening to people who had taken push. Probably not related… but then again…. See Runaway Groom for a specific example.

A large slab or stone carved into a tomb for… someone. Has weird carvings and symbols on the side, would require some time studying it to figure out what it shows. When encountered by the PCs it also had bloody hand prints on the lid as if someone had opened it (it was however, closed) Looks heavy (as big slabs of stone are generally) and had a light aura of magic. Gives off an uncomfortable feeling. Someone is willing to pay a lot of money to have it brought to Seattle, and even more so to get it smuggled off the impounded ship, the Elizabeth Bathory.

Secret in the Sewers
Several times the PC’s have encountered either weird locked entrances to the sewers or rumor of something odd going on down there. Rumors include several ghouls apparently dragging people down there, and para-military types in a unidentified uniform entering and exiting sewer grates when they think no one is looking.

Points of Interest

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