His Own Little Kingdom

Johnson: Graham Denvers (Bolt’s Street Doc)

Graham once upon a time worked for Shiawase experimenting with bioware. However, after a freak accident that caused the lab to go into lockdown (and subsequently be abandoned) he had to leave the lab. He would like it retrieved, however he is having a few patient arguments with Shiawase, they have been going for… quite a few years now.

He is willing to pay you to break into the abandoned, and locked down, facility and retrieve the data and any samples they can. He’s not sure what to expect but knows that the facility had a drone defence system from pre-crash, so bring wired datajacks if you want to hack your way in.

Not only can he offer 30k nuyen but also if the samples and data still prove to be relevant he could possibly provide special augmentations in the future.

His Own Little Kingdom

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