Current Missions Board

This page (Board) will list available missions that your group can take. As we go I will update this with more (and some might disappear) missions and you guys a few days before each session can decide which one your want to go on. You can click on the link to see what description is given for the mission. I just list a few quick notes under the mission, partly to fill out the page a bit, but also to give a quick reference for anyone looking through them.

Instead of picking from one of these, you also have the option of following up something from the Points of Interest page, please give me some warning if you would like to do so.

Current Postings:
The Last Knight of the Crying Spire Pt2 – The Aging Guard
- Same Johnson as last mission in the line.
- Includes Combat, Investigation, Mini-Campaign
- Payment of 60,000Y plus accommodation and expenses paid.

They are Ex Men
- A Well known Prime Runner of the Shadowlands forums.
- Includes Combat, Escort, Travel
- 40,000Y

As Dictated by the Prophecy
- Johnson is a private individual on Shadowlands who would like to meet the runners.
- Includes Wetwork, Infiltration, Social, Headhunting
- Payment of 20,000Y but Johnson also offers spiritual guidance.

The Emerald City Ripper Returns!
- Self Employed
- Includes Investigation

His Own Little Kingdom
- Graham Denvers
- Includes Combat, Infiltration, Critters
- Payment of 30,000Y but Johnson may be able to provide special bioware enhancements in the future.

Respect! And Unlimited Power of Course
- Self Employed
- Includes Investigation, Multi-Session

Current Missions Board

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