Training Day

Mr Moneybags would like a favor, his niece is looking to get into the Shadowrun business. He would like a team he can trust to take her in for some work experience, get a feel for an actual fire fight. For this he has setup a small job for you, the pay is… non-existent, but there should be some loot to grab, and of course if she likes it, then you have yourselves a new teammate.

Her runner name is Collateral, and she will meet you at a bar in Renton called, The Razzmatazz. Your job will be to talk to a guy in the bar who goes by the name Malty, and “ask” him about getting access to the vault in the bar and retrieve an art piece called “Sleeping Giants”. Feel free to take any other art pieces you find there as there is probably some value among them.

The group meets up at another bar nearby to meet and greet and then discuss a plan of action.

Scoping the place out, they learn that there are several people on each floor, two awakened (a child with a family, and another adult in the corner. However no other magical defences. The Razzmatazz is a rundown dance club/bar that has seen better days. It looks ok from the outside, and had a Rating 3 metal detector at the entrance, entering this way they will be asked to disarm (into the safety bin) of any calibre weapon over hand pistol.

Entering they can see that the Razzmatazz has a bar on one end and stairs going up. There are tables and booths around and about 20ish people in the place (due to it having some reasonable real-estate this doesn’t look very populated). A Human bartender tends the bar. Along the roof is dance lights, flashes and smoke machines, but they look like they haven’t been used in some time.

Hera and Gungdo climb to the top of the building and break into the roof entrance and make their way down to the first floor with all the weapons that the team has that wouldn’t get past the bouncer.

Meanwhile… Collateral uses the matrix to check out the place (it has a host supported by Horizon) and finds another matrix user in the area, although he appears to be keeping to himself. Huxton asked the Bartender about a good piece of art he saw on the wall, but the bartender told him to not talk about it in a ‘if you know whats good for you’ fashion.

Huxton called a mafia contact he knows, who didn’t have any information on the paintings or on Vic’s operation, but knew someone else who just happened to be around, Stuart Rothchilde, who would be interested in talking to them before the shoot the place up. However Huxton decided to keep his contacts name out of things, and didn’t look for Stuart.

Finally the decided to force and answer from the bartender, Collateral asked about Malty and then pushed the subject until the bartender called over a thug called Malsa. He heavy-handedly tried to get Collateral to spill where she had heard about Malty and the Sleeping Giants. Finally he tried to attack her.

Things did not go well, Gungdo and Hera joined the fight and together they dropped 2 gangers, Malsa, and a man called Vic (who they learnt later on was Vic Falconi, the head of a local Italian Mafia). Asking the bartender again he says he’ll talk if they finish off the last of the mobsters and make sure Vic is dead so that there are no witnesses.

The final mobster (curled up on the ground) and the hacker beg for their lives, and the three of them work out a truce so they live. Hera walked over to Vic’s body and slit his throat to make sure. The bartender then calls out Malty who was cowering under a table.

Malty leads them upstairs to to his room on the 4th floor, entering they are greeted by a computer system that appears to control the facilities in the room. (calling itself Selene)

Malty lets the PCs into his vault (behind a book shelf), which has a collection of paintings. They decide to take them all and relocate Malty with them, after he informs them that Vic was paying Malty to paint for him, so Vic could sell them to private buyers.

Immediately the paintings were suspicious, several of which depicted things they recognized from different jobs they had been on. The PCs may have a few questions for Mr Moneybags, see the forum.

Malty’s Art has been added to the Points of Interest page.

Training Day

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