Knights in Tarnished Armor

Johnson: Mr Johnson from the Shadowlands.

A mid-sized gang in the barrens is getting a little too organised and pushy. Knight Errant doesn’t have the resources to deal with it at the moment, so Mr Johnson is looking for a third party to handle the problem.

He wants the entire gang taken out, twenty five kills, all must be confirmed, any less and you get no pay whatsoever.

The PCs met with the Johnson at a downtown cafe, he gave them the instructions above, plus an address in downtown (near the Barrens) and informed them that the gang members can be identified by the symbol they have on their jacket shoulders, three stripes, red, blue, yellow with a bronze star in the middle. The Johnson also specifies that he wants the job done tonight.

The PC’s decide to take their van and cruise around the block doing surveillance. They notice several civilians on the street despite it being late. There is a guard out front of the building (with the symbol on his jacket) talking to a couple. On the wall next to the entrance is a plaque that says ‘Bullet Star’. There is also a tense feeling on the streets.

Bolt goes invisible and waits by the front door, overhearing a casual conversation about providing protection. Gungdo and Hera make their way down ally way and scale the building Hera to the second story window, and Gungdo to the roof.

Hoxton and Collateral start doing matrix scans and find there are about 16 weapon icons in the building. Hera breaks in but a patrolling gang member attacks her. Fighting breaks out…

Bolt hits a sentry across the street and then retreats inside as Gungdo drops a grenade down by the entrance to deal with several people in civvies who try to get involved.
Collateral and Hoxton try to disable a Decker and his drone, he puts up quite a defense even getting a hit on Collateral, before Hoxton bricked his deck. He does however manage to escape the building alive.
Hera engages the guards but gets swarmed and taken down, Gungdo and Bolt manage to deal with the remainder and with extreme effort and luck Collateral stabilizes Hera.

After combat they find there is only 14 bodies (+7 or 8 for civilians killed), they also notice a few people cowering behind desks but pay them no attention. Finding a roster they realize that this organisation doesn’t have 25 members, and that the deckers name was Ken Hamilton, unfortunately there is at least 7 Ken Hamiltons’ in the Downtown district alone.

Collateral jacks into the decker’s drone (a GM Nissan Doberman) and takes control of it and takes it off wifi. Then loads it into their van. The group hear sirens in the distance (almost certainly Knight Errant) and decide to vacate the area before they show up.

When the PCs try to get in communication with the Johnson, they get no response.

Knights in Tarnished Armor

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