Augmented Street Sam, Prime Runner, Former PC


Ziggy’s PC in Taha’s Campaign, now a Prime runner and GM PC. He will not appear much, but when he does will either be on your side or in a non-combat scenario (I have no idea to one up the players with a GM-pc as I do not think of that as fun). At times when you meet him (if i do reintroduce him at all) it should be clear not to fight him, but I like player freedom, so if you do decide to go out of your way to pick a fight with him, prepare to see what a three year long, all weekend (so extra karma) campaign does to a PC >:P

Since this character comes from Taha’s Campaign, he was 2nd edition so I have had to remodel some of his stats to make sense in 5th edition. It took place from 2060-2063. At the end of that Campaign, he was running with Raimer, The Russian, and Sum Wan. They ran together for a bit after that and then went off in their separate ways doing their own thing.



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